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What is Tradar:

Tradar is an investment platform where you can buy and trade officially licensed player tokens. These tokens mirror the performance and value of football players in real life. It is where your football expertise transforms into a potential investment opportunity.

Buy player tokens representing upcoming talent and sell them when their value increases (secondary market release estimated at the beginning of 2024), or retain player tokens in your portfolio and gain Tradar Credits (TRC) based on their on-field performances.

Every Bundesliga matchday undergoes player data analysis within Tradar. Your players accumulate points for successful on-field actions. The points the player receives for each action are added up to form a Performance Score. This Score then gets multiplied with the TR-Factor to determine your Tradar Credits (TRC). The better your players' performance, the more Tradar Credits (TRC) are earned. Your Tradar Credits (TRC) can be spent in the Tradar Store. Use these to buy new Player tokens, exclusive merchandise, or win VIP tickets.

How to Tradar:

Step 1: Signings

  • Sign/purchase player tokens here to add to your portfolio. In 'Signings’, you will find all available Player Tokens and a preview of tokens set to unlock soon.

Step 2: My Squad

  • 'My Squad' is your Tradar homepage and player portfolio. Here, you can see and build on your current portfolio, review open and executed orders, and check your earned Tradar Credits (TRC) balance under 'Rewards.'

Step 3: Store


Step 4: Trade/Sell (Estimated release xx 2024.)

  • (TBC)

Sign Up to Tradar:

  • Create your account

  • Please verify your identity through a brief video call with our service partner (IDNow)

  • Access Tradar

This process takes 10-15 minutes.

For a more comprehensive understanding, dive into our Tutorial on the button down here.

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